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the beginning

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This is no way to start a blog. But this is the way it starts.
We start with today and work our way back, and then forward at the speed of time.

Today Felix (whom, we have become convinced, we should have named Vlad) was very unhappy. At times, we didn’t do too well in the happy category either. So, we decided that today, we would start to do what we have been meaning to do for a long time: name ways that we have seen God’s hand in our lives and that he has blessed us. So, the list will start here. Some of the other posts on this blog will have other items on the list. Maybe I will try to make things that make up this list maroon.

Being far from most of our families during the past two months has sometimes been really difficult. Many times, we have wished that our parents were nearby; we could have used their wisdom and experience. But, in their absence, we have been blessed by other people.

-Jenny Thomas came to Champaign-Urbana to do research here. She was a saving presence for us. She was calm and told us that we and Felix were doing okay. She was the kind of wise, experienced parent that we needed as Felix’s most intense weeks of screaming and crying were getting started. When we started talking about what to put on this list of ways God has blessed us, Jenny coming here was the first thing Bree mentioned. We wish that she hadn’t had to leave town for the reason she did, but we were really grateful for the time she spent with us.

-Jenny and Spencer Snow are a couple in our ward. We like them a lot and are really grateful to have been able to get to know them. They have a very well-behaved baby girl named Zoey. Just having them around to talk to has been really good for us. They understand a lot of our concerns, and even when they haven’t personally experienced the challenges we are confronting, they are kind and empathic.

-Ben and Christy Spackman have been good friends for a while. They have helped us maintain a sense of normalcy. Life as we knew it exploded when Felix was born. Ben and Christy brought us good food, let us go over to their house to unwind, and reminded us that the world outside of Felixland did indeed still exist. We will miss them when we and they leave.

-Alissa and Matt and Bryn have been very supportive. Although most of our families are far away, we have been really grateful to have some family kind of nearby.

-Good people in our ward at church who have taken care of us. We didn’t really feel like we were the type to need lots of food from ward members; we could handle it on our own. But people brought us food anyway and it was a huge relief to have good, healthy food already prepared for us.

These good people (and there are others) have been a blessing from God.


Written by rapidgrowth

7 July, 2008 at 4:20 am

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