If you are here, you probably know what this is about.

Land of the Empire Builders

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Our Oregon Top Ten

(in no particular order)

  • Fish tacos from Del Taco.
  • The coast. It’s always between 45 and 65 degrees there, regardless of the time of year.  And it’s beautiful.  (See previous posts for evidence.)
  • Wayne and Kristie’s house.  Especially their beautifully tiled bathroom.
  • Tillamook cheese, ice cream, and yogurt.  Even Felix got a healthy dose.
  • Berries.  All of them.
  • The Columbia River Gorge (see pics below).
  • Trees and green.  The trees cover the hills and mountains.  And they’re really tall, like 5 times as tall as trees in the east.
  • Andrew Everett. (He’s a good friend from college.)
  • Cooking in Kristie’s kitchen.  Always well stocked with spices.
  • Spending time with the Goateseseses.

Now for the important part, pictures.


This is the Columbia River Gorge. Gorgeous.



Felix and Grandpa (and Bessy) at the Tillamook cheese factory.



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22 June, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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  1. i am obsessed with his little smile in the cow. he looks like he’s having a lot of fun, but is a little uncertain:). can’t wait to see you all!


    25 June, 2009 at 4:23 pm

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