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Nonviolent Protest

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Ummm, this blog died for awhile, but spring is the season of rebirth, so we’ll give this another shot.  And we have some very cute pictures to get it going.  He was just being particularly cute this day.

The smiliest of them all

We are definitely into toddlerhood, with its fun and not-so-fun.  One of the things that is both fun and not-so-fun sometimes is how going limp is a form of nonviolent protest for Felix.  Sometimes our family looks like this:

But there are lots of positives.  He’s learning lots of new words in both Spanish and English.  He sometimes surprises us with words he knows that we haven’t really worked on teaching him.  He’s even helpful.  He’s learning to put things away and he loves to help us do housework, by handing us the dustpan or putting things in the trash.  He’s making lots of friends in the playgroup at church and at daycare.  He loves to play at the playground and go on walks.

After three years of looking for a job every winter and spring, I (C) finally accepted a tenure-track position.  Since we’ll be here for a while we decided to buy a house.  We have finished negotiations and will be closing in a month.  This is it:

Moving won’t be fun, but it will be great to have our own home.


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